Faith Stories

Everyone Has a Story

God gave each of us a story. Each one of us. Here are just a few of the stories from people in our Faith family. There are stories of God's amazing provision, stories of God's never-ending support during difficult times, and stories of God's gifts of healing and loving one another through Him.  

Dan Morrison

11.05.18 | The Rooted Experience | The Rooted Experience

For Dan Morrison, The Rooted Experience was unlike anything he had ever done before. He connected with more people than he thought possible and was amazed by what he heard from the Lord when he took time to listen.

Lisa Milson

09.26.18 | The Rooted Experience | The Rooted Experience

Lisa Milson got to know more people during her walk with God during The Rooted Experience. She recommends that others go through the 10-week experience. "Just do it!” Lisa advises. “Keep an open mind and be yourself. You’ll be surprised by...

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