Faith Staff

Oakville Pastors

Chris Sommer

Executive Pastor314.375.1107

Columbia Pastor

Jon Palmer

Campus Pastor314.375.1112

Faith Leadership Board

Cindy Bolstad

Leadership Board

Tina Clasquin

Leadership Board

Mike Ferry

Leadership Board

Paul Himmelsbach

Leadership Board

Ryan Shafer

Leadership Board

Terry Sumski

Leadership Board

Oakville Elders

Columbia Elders

Oakville Staff

Dave Caito

Executive Director314.375.1113

Mary Matlock

Lead Pastor's Assistant314.375.1107

Mary Wetzel

Director of Care Ministry314.375.1122

Julie Brunette

Director of Children's Ministry314.375.1128

Faustino Munoz

Student Ministry Director314.375.1108

Lori Zaretzky

Campus Administrative Assistant314.375.1140

Wayne Auer

Facilities Coordinator314.375.1114

Andy Weiss

Worship Arts and Media Coordinator314.375.1138

Ben Lange

Worship Coordinator314.375.1138

Lisa Chenot

Communication Coordinator314.375.1146

Rachel Gunby


Marie Rausch


Mark Foster

Facilities Coordinator314.375.1114

Katie Bixler

Life Group Coordinator314.375.1135

Katie Boisclair

Finance Assistant314.375.1113

Columbia Staff