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The Acts

Mar 20, 2022 | Seminarian Brandon Boos

Acts 4:32-37

The Book of Acts is full of powerful miracles of healing and people coming to believe in Jesus as Lord. It can lead us to ask why we don’t see the same kind of miracles today. What we will discover is that God used many different types of miracles to grow the early church and He is still doing miracles today, although they might look different than we expect.


For Adult Homes or Groups
1. Read Acts 4:32-37.
2. What is the most generous thing someone has ever done for you?
3. Why is it so easy for people to turn their backs on those in need?
4. What is the greatest act of generosity we see in scripture?
(Hint-John 3:16)
5. What inspires you to be generous and what can you do this week to be generous to someone in need?

Families with Kids
1. Read Acts 4:32-37 together with your family.
2. In this passage, God’s people shared what they had with one another. What is something you have that you can share with others?
3. Have everyone tell about a time when someone shared with them or helped them. How did it feel to be helped in that way? How does that time remind you of how God treats us?
4. Bonus Activity: This week, have everyone in your family pick someone they can help by sharing with them. Once you have shared, discuss your experiences with your family. Why did you pick that person to share with? How did it feel to share with them?

Series Information

Our daily reading plan has led us to the book of Acts.  The author of the book of Acts is the historian Luke, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit to recount not only the accurate details of Jesus’ life in the gospel of Luke, but also the historical account of the birth of the Church in the book of Acts.  The book of Acts is sometimes thought to be named so because it is the “acts” of the Apostles, or the acts of the early church.  Another way of thinking about it is to see the book as a record of the “acts” of the Holy Spirit -- poured out on Pentecost and filling new baptized believers who spread the the good news of the resurrected Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and ultimately to the ends of the earth. There are twenty-nine chapters in the book, but Acts 29 and beyond is still being written today through the lives of all believers today.

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