Daily Bible Reading Plan

We are kicking off a new months-long series that will take us through the entire New Testament. We recognize that this is quite the commitment, but we know there is no better foundation for our lives than God’s Word. As we enter next year, we believe God is calling us to hear anew the Christian narrative... not only as a church, but as individuals, families, and groups.

As we read through the New Testament together on Sundays, each week’s message will come from a portion of the scripture readings for that week. If you do not already have a plan for the new year, we invite you to participate by following along with our weekly reading plan, either in your personal or family devotions or with a group of friends. We will also provide a discussion outline each week to facilitate the conversations we pray you are having with your family and groups.

Our prayer is that by doing this we will all experience the extraordinary life of Jesus… not just as a community, but as families and individuals as well.