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Pine Ridge: Working with the Lakota

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Today half of our team went to support the Carrying the Cross across the reservation. They covered about 8 miles today. Tomorrow there are another 9 miles to go, and we will be sending the remaining men who have not had a chance to help. Those of us that stayed back had a great devotion where we learned that the Lakota are concerned that mission teams are not respecting their culture and heritage. Some of them struggle with many of the churches on the reservation that are led by outside missionaries. They want to be part of a Lakota church, not a church as it is defined by those from outside of the reservation. We know how important it is to provide support, but ultimately let them lead. They emphasized with us that that basis of the Lakota culture is to love and respect everyone, just as Jesus taught. We need to make sure we are not forcing our ways on them. It was a great and open discussion.

This evening we met up with the local team sponsoring the Cross Carrying event and shared a meal and discussed how the event is affecting those they meet on the long trek. We also prayed for the reservation and that this event spurs more Lakota to come to Jesus.

We also continued our work projects.

Please pray that the cross carrying event impacts the reservation and for our community outreach BBQ, in which we are providing the food, celebrates this event. We are expecting to serve over 100 people.

2016 Pine Ridge - Day 7

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This was our last day to work on projects. We did our best to complete them, but some we had to leave for the Lakota team to complete.

In the morning we took a picture of our team and we have added names to everyone. We are missing some of the Lakota as they didn't join us before we all went off to our various projects.

We got the trailer moved!

Here is a shaky tour of the new facility...  (it is hard to walk around and not trip over things)

God was watching over us today...


We did something different this year for our last meal. We asked a local Lakota woman to make us dinner. It was wonderful and of course we invited the families we have been spending time with this week.

We ask for the following prayers:

  • Continued spiritual growth of the Lakota and families we have met
  • That our visit uplifted them as much as we have been uplifted to see how Jesus has given us the power to change and be forgiven for past sins
  • Continued success of the Hands of Faith rehabilitation program and for completion of this wonderful building so that they can increase the Lakota participation
  • Safe travels for our team back to St. Louis

We will be leaving here at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday (6:30 a.m. Central Time). We expect to arrive about 10:30 p.m.