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Pine Ridge Mission Trip 2015: Day 6

Today we poured concrete foundations. A total of 18 men worked on the project including three from our team with most of the rest being Lakota that were recruited specifically for this project. It was amazing that we had just the right amount of concrete. Being this close with 34 square yards of concrete is truly a miracle. The relationship building through breakfast, lunch, and dinner has helped us get to know the Lakota on an individual basis, as the meals have helped break down barriers. We are on the final stages of finishing one of the Lakota homes and we started to clean up and move furniture in today. Tomorrow is our final workday and we're planning on building some special stairs, finalizing water hook up, testing all water connections, and connecting appliances, then we are done!!!  Another team worked on the Lakota trailer and will be done there tomorrow.

For those that are interested, we have uploaded some of our personal pictures to a Drop Box.

Check these out: 
Pine Ridge 2015 Picture Drop Box.


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Pine Ridge Mission Trip 2015: Day 5

Today we have more pictures than words (click to enlarge the photos.) We continued working on the two Lakota homes (the new home and adding a bath to an existing trailer.) This included running a water line to the new home, trim work, plumbing, and basic wall construction. It is great working side by side with the local Lakota men and having the opportunity to be examples to them.

Day5 (4)
Day5 (3)
Day5 (2)  

Today’s “God Moment” was the success of the Community Dinner we hosted. We served over 100 Lakota and we had just the right amount of food, praise God! This year we provided trinkets (flashlight keychain) paid for by the Thrivent Action Team grant. It was a great opportunity to socialize with the community. We reconnected with many Lakota we have worked with over the years, and met many new.

Community Dinner 1  Community Dinner 2
Community Dinner 3