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Peru 2017: Day 2

Today we went to the church were the Compassion Project is located. We were greeting by cheering and applause from the kiddos as we exited the bus. We danced, sang, and played games to worship God this morning during the church service. There was a lot of joy and love in the air. The children latched on to people who have served previously in Peru. Everyone was excited to see old friends. The translators provided by Compassion are friendly, and help minimize the communication barrier. 

After church, we were went out for lunch with the pastor and his family. One of the pastor's daughters is in charge of mailing the children's letters and distributing our letters to our sponsor children. 

Tomorrow is going to be busy. We have been told to participate NOT anticipate. We will be helping assemble two prefabricated homes, and go on home visits. We are all looking forward to a full night's sleep to recharge us for tomorrow!

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Peru 2017: Day 1

What a crazy day yesterday! Our leaders nicknamed our travel day "Hurry Up and Wait", a phrase that could not have applied more. God was with us the whole way. All of our checked luggage made it to Peru with us. Despite some flight delays, we encountered few complications with our travel. We are all energized after a good nights sleep, and looking forward to what God has in store for us today. 

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