Who Cares? God Cares.

    07.05.17 | Faith Healing God by Verna Mehler

    God has always cared for me. When I was born, my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck three times, turning my skin practically black. I was saved. At eight months old, I had a bad case of whooping cough. In 1929, the survival rate for babies with whooping cough was not high. I survived. My years as a kid were good, working, playing, and growing up on the farm. Then I met Ed, a good guy, and we were married and had two great kids.

    In 1981, a construction accident crushed Ed’s leg, and he couldn’t work. Miraculously, the equipment rolled backward instead of forward. Otherwise, it would have crushed his body. We had no income for some time, but during those years, we never missed a bill payment, never had an appliance break, and were never sick. We knew it was because God cared.

    There was other proof that God cared. In 1992, Ed became ill. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Ed had surgery and recovered well. For 12 years, he was cancer free. Again – God cared. In 2004, Ed had a heart attack and underwent three procedures - with no problems. Two years later, he thought he was having another heart attack, but that turned out to be lung cancer. After a couple of extremely painful days, the awful pain subsided. Ed underwent treatment, but couldn’t fight it. For twelve months, though, God kept Ed's pain manageable. As Ed’s caregiver, I was never sick because God cared.

    Then, earlier this year, during the evening of May 9, I wasn’t feeling well. Since this seemed different than anything I had ever had, I called for help. In the ER, I found out it was my heart. Surgery was the best option, but at 87 there are risks. I needed heart vein bypass surgery. My family consulted with heart surgeons all across the country, and their first response for an 87-year-old was ‘no way’. But - who cares? I was not diabetic, I hadn’t been hospitalized in 65 years, and I was able to live alone and do my own housework, cooking, and laundry. Although I didn’t drive much, I still could, and I never smoked. Doctors that had performed this surgery in the past debated. Their computer data gave me a 92% chance of recovery if I had the surgery. No medication would help me. Without surgery, I probably had six months to live.

    Both surgery and recovery went well. Everyone I meet tells me it’s remarkable that I came through the surgery and how well I am progressing. I am grateful that God always cares.

    God says in the Bible that He knows all about you before you’re born. I feel like He knew what was going to happen, and He prepared me because He cared. That’s why He kept me healthy through everything else, so that I could fight through this.

    So – Who cares? God cares! He does what He does to accomplish His purpose.

    That’s my story.

    Verna Mehler