Faith U

Learning for Life

Faith U classes will be relevant for every generation and every stage of faith. The classes will focus on five specific topics: Mission, Doctrine, Health, Apologetics, and the Bible. A certificate and Faith U T-shirt will be awarded to anyone who completes three classes in one specific area.



Baptism Class

This class is offered by Faith Elders for anyone interested in learning about Baptism. Whether you are expecting a child, just want to learn more, or have questions about Lutheran beliefs about Baptism, this class is for you.


The lord's Supper

Communion instruction is offered to help both students and their parents understand what the sacrament is and why it is important. If you have any questions regarding what we believe about communion at Faith, this class provides an opportunity to explore those freely.



Suicide – Awareness and Intervention

If you need to speak to someone NOW, 314.647.HELP (4357). Registration strongly encouraged but not required. Walk-ins are welcome the night of the event. Breakouts will be available for youth and adults.


God in Science

The Faith U God in Science class will be spent unpacking the myth that God and science are two separate and contradictory entities. We hear this often being said in popular culture and taught in public schools. Through this class, students and parents alike will learn how God can actually be found working in and through science and how a Christian doesn't have to reject science to accept the creator.