Current Series

What is Going On?

Horrific accidents. Earthquakes. Flooding of epic proportions. Red tide. Bigger, stronger larger hurricanes, tornadoes and typhoons. Extreme heat and humidity and snow-meggedons. At some point in the last year have you asked the question “What is up with this world?” WHAT'S GOING ON? Something is coming. We don’t know when. When don’t know where? But we do know WHO? These and so much more are signs that Jesus is coming. As we prepare again to meet the baby Jesus this Christmas, we invite you to join us as we prepare for Jesus to come again and learn how all these things can and should be a comfort and hope of what is coming!

Radical Generosity

As Christians, we should be intentional as we strive to grow in love and every way! Why? Because This most generous more than extravagant with us. He gives us something we can then give away, which grows into full-formed lives, robust in God, wealthy in every way, So that we can be generous in every way, producing with us great praise to God. (2 Corinthians 9:10-11 MSG) Being generous in every way – that's radical generosity. Radical Generosity focuses on much more than wealth. We'll tackle what it means to be radically generous with our lives – radical in service, giving, and forgiving.

Instructions Not Included

Kids are a blessing! There are days when parenting seems easy, but on other days, parenting leaves us looking for answers. Unfortunately, kids don’t come with instructions. Each child is different, challenges us in specific ways, and is uniquely gifted by God. Factor in that our kids are broken by sin - so are we - no wonder parenting is tough!

It's Work

In this seven-week message series, we focus on how we view 'work'. Did you know if someone works 40 hours a week for 40 years, that means they will put in more than 80,000 hours or over nine years straight at a job during their lifetime! Is work a calling or a curse? Is it fulfilling or frustrating? Is our job more than a job? Are we serving God or man? Or are we just working for the weekends?


Our focus is on Jesus’ introductory words in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12). The Be-Attitudes are attitudes, ways of thinking, that are contrary to popular opinion or natural ways of thinking. Jesus’ words challenge us to think with a kingdom perspective. We will discover the true meaning of words like humility, meekness, spiritual hunger, mercy, purity, peace-maker, and how to endure persecution. Only through Christ, can we learn to “be” what we were destined to become. 

Stranger Things

A zombie walking through Jerusalem, the sun standing still, bears mauling little boys to death - we discuss these stories and ask, “Is there something we can learn about God, ourselves, and others from these Stranger Things?” 

The Gospel of Mark

How much do you really know about Jesus? What is His purpose for coming to earth, the meaning behind His teachings, and the significance of His life, death, resurrection, and ascension? 


He is Risen! On this Easter morning we celebrate the freedom that the resurrection brings.

Good Friday

Through a reenactment of some of the traditional elements of a first century Jewish funeral, we can attempt to “remember” who Jesus was, why He had to die, and what part each of us ultimately played in His death and burial. 

Maundy Thursday

On this night, Jesus celebrated His final passover meal with the disciples, washed their feet, and revealed He would love them until the end before he experienced betrayal on this night. Jesus also gave a new command: love one another. 


Habakkuk was a praying prophet who dared to ask the difficult questions. The main question this book asks is, "How can God use a wicked nation such as Babylon for His Divine Purpose?" Lent is the perfect time to ask difficult questions as we attempt to understand God's Will and His ways.

This is Us

We focus on people in the scriptures who are just like US. They've been down and out, deceived, and depressed. However, their stories illustrate what it means to be chosen and delivered by God. 

This is the Bible

In the series we will uncover the amazing origins of this book, and explore some tough questions. We hope you will grow to appreciate, understand, and apply this amazing gift from God to your life.