Faith Stories

Everyone Has a Story

God gave each of us a story. Each one of us. Here are just a few of the stories from people in our Faith family. There are stories of God's amazing provision, stories of God's never-ending support during difficult times, and stories of God's gifts of healing and loving one another through Him.  

Ron Meyer

03.17.14 | Faith | Hope | Video | Healing | Illness | Addiction | Hope for Healing

In another "Hope for Healing" series video, Faith member Ron Meyer discusses his battle with alcoholism and losing his faith in God. Eventually, with God's help, Ron was able to get sober and now uses his past struggles to help those ...

Cheryl Timpe

03.10.14 | Faith | Hope | Video | Healing | Illness | Trust | Hope for Healing

Cheryl Timpe was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. Around that same time, she came to Faith Lutheran and was overwhelmed with a sense of peace. She felt strongly God would heal her. Through faith and prayer she trusts that God will get her ...