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Everyone Has a Story

God gave each of us a story. Each one of us. Here are just a few of the stories from people in our Faith family. There are stories of God's amazing provision, stories of God's never-ending support during difficult times, and stories of God's gifts of healing and loving one another through Him.  

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Mike Morrison

04.29.19 | Faith | Faith Video Stories

When people asked Mike if he believed in God, he would tell them yes, even though he wasn’t sure whether he believed or not. After Mike lost everything because of drugs and alcohol, he would steal, cheat, lie, and manipulate people to get drugs...

Eric Moore

11.21.18 | Faith | Hope | Healing | Service | Faith Video Stories

In his initial recovery from a serious eye infection, Eric Moore “knew he had lots of love” from his support group of friends, family, and church. Once he was well enough to serve during worship, he experienced the healing presence of God through...

Kathy & Marissa

11.05.18 | Faith | Faith Video Stories

Every generation can make an impact for Jesus. Kathy and Marissa share how what they do on Sundays impacts the kids they lead, and how those kids can then go out and be a light for generations to come.

    Monarch Jewelry – Melinda

    08.22.18 | Faith | Healing | God | Faith Written Stories

    Monarch Jewelry is a Christian ministry in connection with Crisis Aid International who creates artistic jewelry and accessories as a unique way to engage in the fight against modern-day sex slavery. Our mission is to increase awareness, raise...