Faith Stories

Everyone Has a Story

God gave each of us a story. Each one of us. Here are just a few of the stories from people in our Faith family. There are stories of God's amazing provision, stories of God's never-ending support during difficult times, and stories of God's gifts of healing and loving one another through Him.  

Mia Bier

06.03.19 | The Rooted Experience | Faith Video Stories

For Mia, The Rooted Experience was an "awesome, mind-opening experience" that changed her life. Mia especially enjoyed the serve experience, and "reaching into the community to help those who were truly in need."

Mike Morrison

04.29.19 | Faith | Faith Video Stories

When people asked Mike if he believed in God, he would tell them yes, even though he wasn’t sure whether he believed or not. After Mike lost everything because of drugs and alcohol, he would steal, cheat, lie, and manipulate people to get drugs...

Zara Munoz

04.04.19 | The Rooted Experience | Faith Video Stories

Zara had a great experience. She says, “If you want to personally know God, this is the kind of experience that’s definitely going to push you forward and over that edge. Trust Him and get to know Him and other people at the same time. By the...

Dawn Linnemann

04.01.19 | The Rooted Experience | Faith Video Stories

Dawn had already gone through The Rooted Experience, but when her Mom asked her to go through it again with her she agreed. Dawn didn’t think she would get anything out of it, but she was wrong. She got even more out of it this time. Dawn saw a...

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