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Laurie Wehrenberg

Laurie Wehrenberg

Nursery Coordinator


I was born and raised in a Lutheran home. We were a family that went to church together every Sunday and spent all Sunday with our extended family. Going to church was a habit and something I felt I needed to do, but I didn’t really feel like I got much from going. As I got older, I took part in youth group, went on a mission trip, and taught Sunday School. There were times when God put individuals in my path to guide and help me grow in my faith. When those individuals left, I always fell back into the same routine.

In 1993, I married Jon, whose father was a pastor in the United Church of Christ. This made going to church a strain. The kids and I went to my church since that was where my family went; and my husband went to his church. When his father retired, we needed to find a church where we could both be happy.

It was important for us to raise our family in the church, but we wanted them to be more than just involved. We wanted them to have a relationship with God and to serve Him. In April of 2002, a friend suggested to Jon that we try Faith in Oakville. The rest is history. We have been involved ever since and were excited to be part of the team to start Faith – Columbia. It has been the best decision for us as a family and for each of us individually.

We have found our second family and a home at Faith - Columbia.

Hope for Faith – Columbia

My hope for Faith –Columbia is that our nursery staff will be disciples to the children we care for and that we give their parents the tools needed to disciple their children at home.