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Jun 06, 2021 | Pastor Jon Palmer


So often we get lost in the predicament that is our consumeristic culture. It’s no wonder why. We live in a non-stop world. There is always a market you can trade on. We have 24-hour online shopping. Look at a flight tracker, and you’ll always find a plane in the sky. But God didn’t create man to never stop. Today we’re going to begin a journey through the thing called the Sabbath asking, “Why is it holy?” and “Why did God bless it?” and “What would my life look like if I sabbathed (rested) God’s way?” So buckle up for a wild ride that will take you through life the way God created it with a high value of rest and in resistance to the world’s way. On the other side is the potential of sabbath being a reality for you.

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FAITH COLUMBIA: What is the Sabbath? If we know anything, the majority of us know the Sabbath of something Jews do, or we reference it in with our weekly worship attendance. “God made sabbath for man,” these words of Jesus point us to the reality that sabbath is not a set of rules that we follow or even something that we MUST do, instead it’s a gift from God for man. Join us over the next 4 weeks as Pastor Jon shares his personal journey of sabbath, and we learn more about the amazing gift of God while being challenged to pursue sabbath in our own lives.