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At The Movies: Remade

Jul 21, 2019 | Pastor Jon Palmer

Remade to Lead: The Lion King

1 Timothy 2:1


Knowing who you are impacts everything. Knowing the love God has for you, the high price He paid to save you, and what you now are because of Him is an invitation into His family. See, you are royalty! You are sons and daughters of the King! That means you’re called to lead. In this message, Pastor Jon teaches what it means to be the child of a King and how who we are in Jesus both equips and enables us to lead.

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What is it about movies that captivates you, that draws you in, and makes you want to enter into the world it creates? As a church we think movies are one of the places that our culture finds it’s pack, escapes to a whole new world, and is reminded of many of the “good things” of life.