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At The Movies: Remade

Jul 14, 2019 | Pastor Chris Sommer

Remade Identity - Cinderella: Oakville

Hosea 1:2-2:19


Know what a mash up is? It’s when you mix together two things that are highly different from each other. Today Pastor Chris is mashing together the fairytale of Cinderella with the true story of Hosea and his promiscuous bride, Gomer. What could a Disney Princess and a cheating wife have in common? Both of their identities were remade through marrying a faithful groom.

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What is it about movies that captivates you, that draws you in, and makes you want to enter into the world it creates? As a church we think movies are one of the places that our culture finds it’s pack, escapes to a whole new world, and is reminded of many of the “good things” of life.