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You Asked For It

Sep 01, 2019 | Pastor Jon Palmer

How should we love our LGBTQ+ friends?

Romans 1:1-3:31


If you self-identify as a Christian, the majority of people think you are judgmental and hypocritical, but the label stated the most about Christians is – antihomosexual. Wait! What!? You heard that right. The majority of people, when they hear the word Christian, think about something that we are against and very seldom what we are for. Pastor Jon teaches some tough realities of scripture today that have massive implications, both on how we love others, and how we can begin to change this perception.

Series Information

A few months ago, we asked you what topics you would like to hear about on Sunday mornings. You responded with more topics than we could address in one message series; but we chose five of the most requested to cover in this series...