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Feb 18, 2018 | Pastor Jon Palmer

How Long God? - Columbia

Habakkuk 1:1-11

Have you ever looked at the corrupt and morally-corroded culture we live in and wondered how long? Have you listened to news story after news story of people who seem to have no understanding of right or wrong, justice or injustice? Have you turned to God and asked why? Where are you? In this message Pastor Jon kicks off a series called Habakkuk: Trusting God In Confusing Times where the prophet of the same name in a similar situation asks exactly that question – How Long God? What are You waiting for?

Series Information

Habakkuk was a praying prophet who dared to ask the difficult questions. The main question this book asks is, "How can God use a wicked nation such as Babylon for His Divine Purpose?" Lent is the perfect time to ask difficult questions as we attempt to understand God's Will and His ways.