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Mission Life in Southeast Asia

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Hello Everyone!

Let me give you a little introduction about who we are and what we do. *Note:  We do not give specifics of our location for security purposes

We are Corey and Jill and our daughters are Autumn (5), Hope (3), and Patience (9 months). We are missionaries on a small island in Southeast Asia. We have been serving here for a total of nearly 7 years, which feels like a lot less!  Our nation is the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world, has over 17,000 islands, and over 700 people groups. In short, it is a very diverse country. There is a national language that helps to unite the country, which is the language that we speak on a daily basis. The food here is generally pretty spicy and is served with their main staple, rice. Our kids, being raised here, tend to prefer rice over potatoes or bread for a side with their meal, which is funny to us!

God grew our hearts for mission work through serving in ministries and going on short-term mission trips with our home churches throughout our high school years. We enjoy serving people, experiencing new cultures, and being a part of God’s plan for spreading His fame around the world. We both attended a small college in Minnesota called BCOM that specializes in the training and sending of mission workers to strategic areas of the world.  As part of our training, we participated in a 16-month internship program in Southeast Asia under experienced missionaries. After returning from this internship, graduating, and getting married, through various circumstances God led us to return to Southeast Asia as leaders of the internship training program that we had recently completed. Since returning in 2011, we have been on a roller coaster ride of God revealing His plans to us and molding us into who He desires us to be here. 

The main goal of our organization is to “ Take the Church to where it is Not ”, focusing on sending mission workers to places of the world where there are many people groups who do not yet have believers, churches, or m-workers among them. We believe that God has given us the mission of helping to create flourishing Gospel communities amongst the over 200 unreached people groups found in our nation. We want every person in this nation to encounter Jesus and for His fame to spread to areas where He is not yet known. We believe that He will accomplish this work and want to be a part of His plan. 

All of this information is great, but I’m sure that you are wondering what we actually do here. We serve as team leaders for a small team that consists of a single woman, and another married couple with a daughter. We are also co-leaders for the 16-month mission worker training program that I mentioned earlier. We are excited to be welcoming 10 new interns into this program later this September! Of the two groups that we have led so far, 7 of the 8 interns have committed their lives to serving God overseas in an mission work capacity, 5 in our nation! We are praying for similar commitments from these 10 interns. 

We commit ourselves as a team to regular times of prayer throughout the week, knowing that we are dependent on and can do nothing without God and His power and leading. We spend time in intentional evangelism and building strong relationships that enable us to share the Good News with friends. We want to see groups of passionate disciples that go out and make more disciples who are excited to spread His fame throughout this country.

One large obstacle that we face in this country is that mission work is illegal. Because of this, we need to have legal platforms to live and operate in the country that make sense. As a team, we are committed to creating strategic businesses on the island that give us a legitimate identity here, freedom and opportunities to make disciples, and provide some financial sustainability. Among our team we have plans to open a Mexican restaurant, work in mariculture, and run a language services company. Jill and I will soon take over a language services company on our island with a local believer as our partner, Praise God! This company provides local language training to foreigners and mission workers who come to our island, including our interns. We plan to develop the English training side of this company as well, as a way to create more revenue streams, have interaction with many different kinds of people, and creatively spread God’s word through these relationships. Please pray with us that we would be in-tune with what God is doing here and for Him to do a mighty work in this country!

We are thankful for the opportunity to share some blog posts about our life with you all. This introduction is a little formal, but we will share more real life stories and experiences in our future posts.  Tune-in to see what God does and we hope that you will be a part of our story and be encouraged by what He is doing here!

In Christ,

Corey, Jill, and Family


Pine Ridge Mission Trip 2015: Day 7

Most of our team today worked to remove the foundation forms from the concrete that was poured yesterday. They said this was the hardest work they have done their entire life. It took much longer than anticipated and had to be done today as the forms are needed for another project next week. Starting next week the Hands of Faith vocational program will welcome 10 new Lakota to the team. They will be working on the Forward in Faith building while learning skills through this program. The goal is to have the building enclosed this fall before the weather gets bad. Earlier in the year, we had expected to be installing doors, but God had other priorities for Hands of Faith ministries. We have been blessed to help where we can. This building will enable Hands of Faith to expand their programs and impact more of the Lakota to be Christian examples in their community.

Day7 (2)

The Lakota home is complete and the Lakota family is moving in tonight! The entire family is so happy and appreciative.   The kids are so excited to tour the home and check out the stairs we installed inside, as they see it as a play house to go upstairs. The home was designed for the typical Lakota family unit, which usually has grandparents, two or three children and several grandchildren in one home. It has four bedrooms and is situated such that the grandkids and possibly their parents could live upstairs which has a separate entrance, but only has two loft bedrooms and a half bath. The internal stairs (ladder really) provides access between the upper and lower level. The main level has a kitchen, living area, full size bath (includes laundry area) and living area. This home will be housing eight to 12 adults/children. The Hands of Faith director will hold an open house for local Lakota leaders to encourage them to use this model for adding homes within the reservation using Lakota labor. The current new homes are modular and completely built off the reservation with no Lakota labor and cost twice as much as this home and are not nearly as energy efficient has this home. (If you have been following this project from last year, this is the home that includes many concepts from the Missouri Science and Technology Solar Home visit we coordinated a couple of years ago.) 

This year we stayed an additional day which allowed us to spend more time with the Lakota men. We were able to have a wonderful dinner with the Hands of Faith leader families and we look forward to continuing our support for this ministry.  Tonight Hands of Faith did inform us that they are about $18,000 short of the funds necessary to enclose the building.

Prayers for today:

  • A good night's sleep for our team and safe travels tomorrow (we leave at 5:30 a.m. and will drive straight through to St. Louis.)
  • Continued support for Hands of Faith ministries and continued growth of their programs to help the Lakota
  • Prayers for the $18,000 funding gap for the new Forward In Faith building
  • May the new home not only change the life of the family moving but may that family’s Christianity be a light for the community

We will miss the Lakota we have worked with this week, but look forward to being back home with our families.

God bless and thank you for your prayers!