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2016 Pine Ridge - Day 7

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This was our last day to work on projects. We did our best to complete them, but some we had to leave for the Lakota team to complete.

In the morning we took a picture of our team and we have added names to everyone. We are missing some of the Lakota as they didn't join us before we all went off to our various projects.

We got the trailer moved!

Here is a shaky tour of the new facility...  (it is hard to walk around and not trip over things)

God was watching over us today...


We did something different this year for our last meal. We asked a local Lakota woman to make us dinner. It was wonderful and of course we invited the families we have been spending time with this week.

We ask for the following prayers:

  • Continued spiritual growth of the Lakota and families we have met
  • That our visit uplifted them as much as we have been uplifted to see how Jesus has given us the power to change and be forgiven for past sins
  • Continued success of the Hands of Faith rehabilitation program and for completion of this wonderful building so that they can increase the Lakota participation
  • Safe travels for our team back to St. Louis

We will be leaving here at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday (6:30 a.m. Central Time). We expect to arrive about 10:30 p.m.

2016 Pine Ridge - Day 6

We continued to work on this week's projects, discovering more issues than we expected and challenges that must be overcome. In passing it will appear not much has been accomplished, but we are all wore out. We still put priority into having time for devotions and prayers twice daily as a team. Even during our labors we spent time to understand the spiritual needs of each other and the Lakota men we are working with. This year we have the largest team, not only by the size of the team visiting Pine Ridge (15 men), but also the size of the Lakota team (11 men).    

Here is a picture of the outside of the building with the new sheet metal roof.

One of the biggest challenges has been getting the old trailer moved so that the "new" trailer can be installed. Even with a truck in front pulling, and a bobcat in the back pushing, the trailer didn't budge. They almost flipped the bobcat, but just when it was about to go over, God whispered and it rolled back forward. (Sorry, it happened so quickly and everyone was so shocked that we have no picture.)


So let's push part of the trailer off to lighten the load.  

This worked! Here is the vacant lot.

Some of the kids ran in and picked up what we thought was junk but to them are new toys.

Prayers include safe travels for John Two Bulls. His son had recently died in an accident in Arizona. His son had seven children. The mother is willing to take six of them, but not the twelve year old son. John Two Bulls arrived back at 6:30 a.m. this morning and learned he could be the guardian, so he has already turned around and has a court meeting on Monday. On his trip earlier this week to Arizona, he hit a cow had to go to the hospital due to back injuries, and still did the service on Tuesday. He is still upbeat as he has been blessed with the opportunity to adopt his grandson.  

Prayer requests from the Lakota men we are working with focus on giving them the strength to be leaders in their family and enabling them to provide financial support. Work is very hard to find here as there are not many jobs and those that are available are short term.