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Peru Day 1

As the bus turned on the familiar block of the church, the team's excitement was electric. Each one of us excited to say hello to old friends and excited to meet new ones; eager to see how the Lord would use each of us this week. The bus came to a full stop in front of the church and the crowd inside and outside the bus erupted in elation! 

We were greeted with hugs and blessings from sponsor families, church volunteers, and all the children of PE140. As the service began, one could feel God’s presence fill the church. His love and compassion shined brightly throughout the day as team members reconnected with sponsor children and a few of the team members met their sponsor children for the first time. It was a true blessing to see how God continued to work in the community and had answered prayers. One prayer in particular that made a huge impact was the fact that not only were the children present but the entire family including both parents!  

The Holy Spirit filled all of us today, helping us spread and show God‘s, everlasting love. A few team members' favorite moment of the day included meeting and seeing sponsor children, watching our team members connect with all of Gods children through Him even when no words were spoken, watching the dedication of the children to their faith as they performed two songs and dances, recited scripture, and spoke from the heart during the church service.  

One moment that impacted the whole team was when a young man who was 12 years old took to the pulpit. He recited Matthew 13 from memory and spoke from the heart. He spoke about the seeds God has sown and the impact this mission group has had. All of us took a moment to thank God for working through us as we have done and continue to do His work. 

After church, we had the privilege of working with the dedicated women in the kitchen to serve all of the children and families lunch. The team members worked hard to gain smiles, giggles and connect as we serve the children.  After all the children at PE 140 begin to eat we humbly and happily begin to serve on the families.  

It was a day that everyone could see and feel God's work in Peru. 

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