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Family Mission Trip 2017 - Day 3

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Wow, did God show up today in a big way!

First off, our entire team got to go back to Feed My Starving Children to pack more food for starving children all over the world. We learned about Shamie, a 3-year-old little girl from the Philippines who was so severely malnourished that she hadn't ever been able to walk or talk and weighed only 11 pounds. After 4 months of receiving MannaPack food, she was walking and even starting to speak. It's just amazing to see how truly life-saving this food is. We packed 114 boxes which will feed 67 kids for an entire year, and feel so blessed to be able to contribute in a small part to that mission. If you'd like to find out how you can be a part of that organization too, click here.

After lunch, the whole crew divided up into 10 teams to take on our annual Blessing Quest - a scavenger hunt where we go out into the community to bless others. It is always a highlight of the trip and this year did not disappoint. We had SO many amazing encounters with local workers, businesses, and community members, but the theme we kept seeing throughout was how God so exquisitely worked out timing to put us in people's paths at the exact moment they needed it. From blessing a family with a bowling outing only to find out it was their special needs daughter's birthday, to blessing a lady with a quarter for an Aldi's shopping cart with a "Jesus Loves You" card in it and then finding out her husband had just gone into the hospital the night before. It was like these people could physically feel Jesus' arms wrapped around them in a moment of need and uncertainty.  We heard on at least two different occasions that after seeing our theme verse (Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding), people "just needed to see that right now" - once from a lady who was struggling with her husband's Navy deployment, and another from a woman who had just been diagnosed with Lupus yesterday. Wow - it's such an amazing feeling to see God working through you to comfort another person. One team was able to pray with a Muslim man who then blessed them with a gift for them to give away. The stories were truly countless and I'm sure if you talk to any of us, you'll hear how impactful these small blessings were for us, in addition to the people we were blessing.  More fruit from Faith's Beyond Blessed fund, as they supplied the money we used to bless people. Yea Faith!! 

We look forward to more serving opportunities tomorrow with Phil's Friends, a painting project at St. Mark's and back to Feed My Starving Children one last time this year. Please pray for more opportunities to share Christ's love with everyone we meet! 

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