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Newsong Family Mission Day 2

What a special second day we had! Praise God, both our missing families were able to join us today!! We could use continued prayers for health and safety - with lots of kids in close quarters, boo-boos and cold swapping is just par for the course.

This morning we split into groups based on ages. The 12+ kids and most parents went to Illinois second largest homeless shelter, Hesed House to bless that ministry through providing, preparing and serving a hot lunch, painting part of a warehouse to help turn it into a Christmas shop for the tenants, warehouse muscle to help clean up and organize, and landscaping. During lunch, our folks had an opportunity to eat with some of the guests there and learn more about their stories and ask them how we can pray for them. When you learn the stories behind the faces you realize just how fragile life can be.

The 11 and under set stayed back and assembly line packed sack lunches that are given to Hesed House guests who work day jobs so they have lunch to eat since they miss the in-house hot lunch. It has been such a sweet blessing to watch these kids grow from year to year and see how much they can accomplish now. They are so passionate and committed to their tasks! They packed those lunches with such speed today, it was shocking! We colored the lunch sacks with special messages of love and scriptures and prayed over them to bless and encourage the recipients. 

After lunch we headed to the first of three serve opportunities at Feed My Starving Children. With a mission to feed God's starving children hungry in body and spirit, they send life-saving food to children all over the world.

We absolutely love packing the Manna Pack food bags. Again, it's so inspiring to see how much our kids have grown over the years in how well they can now do this activity. We were flying through boxes - and together with the other volunteers, we packed an astounding 48,815 meals which will feed 134 kids for an entire year!! These meals cost just .26 each and they are given completely free to the recipients, so if you are looking for a way to help make a difference for Jesus in this world, FMSC is a fantastic way. 

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Newsong Family Mission Day 1

The theme for this year's Family Mission Trip is The Golden Rule - Matthew 7:12 - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." But after our first day we're finding out maybe we should've chosen, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, but Family Mission Trip plans are subject to change" - (Mission Mom Translation.) :) 

Illness has kept one family from being able to join us on our send off, and we're praying they can join us tomorrow, but it looks like the sickness is spreading in their family. Please join us in praying for their health!!  

The 5 remaining families (1 other family will join us tomorrow) converged on New Song in Aurora, IL today to begin our time of service, fellowship and growth in the Lord. 

After getting settled in, we were treated to a delicious dinner from our hosts and we followed that up with a Youth Night for New Song and our kids that included some pretty spirited games, led by the dads. A great devotion was shared as well (go dads) and like that, our first day is wrapped up. 


We are so excited to be heading back to Hesed House, Illinois' second largest homeless shelter tomorrow morning, as well as our first of three service times at Feed My Starving Children tomorrow afternoon.  

Despite illness, changes in plans, and shifting responsibilities, God is so good and faithful to help us adjust and give us opportunities even today to exemplify The Golden Rule. We pray we glorify Him in all we do, whether we're on a mission trip or in our backyard. 

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