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Pine Ridge 2018 Day 2

Today we began the physical part of the trip. Lydell, Dale, Ron, James, Dominic, and two other Lakota joined us on the many projects. We started installing the new ceiling in the Warrior Center conference/training area, stained wood for the laundry door and vertical supports, worked on the roof and electrical for the utility core, began preparing the home to receive the first core, visited a Lakota family to help with diagnosing furnace issues, repaired ministry trucks, second day of Nehemiah training, and had devotion and relationship building with the Lakota men we worked side by side with. God has found so many ways for us to help this community and it is only the first day.

Here you see the two utility cores in the main pole barn our team built in 2014. This enables construction to occur during any weather condition. As each core is completed it will be moved along on a support system, out a door to the right and then on a trailer to be delivered to the Lakota family home.


Below is the very beginning of the work on the ceiling:

Here is the home that will receive the first Utility Core. It will go where the pickup truck is located. We couldn’t move the truck today as the battery is dead and the keys were not available. We will be removing the window section directly behind the truck to provide an opening for the core to attach. The trailer skirt has been removed to provide access to the existing plumbing, which will be rerouted to the core.

It has been a blessing to see familiar faces and support this community. Each year we see how our efforts continue to leverage previous year's projects and relationships. It is with great pleasure to see the men that have graduated from the programs using their skills and impacting their immediate families. Lydell is a good example as two of his brothers are now part of the program and they recently did something that typical Lakota men don't do. Their mother died and they stepped up for all of the funeral arrangements, which included making a meal.

Hands of Faith is clearly impacting this community and we are so proud to provide support. We look forward to seeing where God takes us this week and how this year's projects will impact the community.

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Pine Ridge 2018 Day 1

We arrived at 9:30 pm (MDT) last night. The drive from St. Louis was uneventful as God granted us great weather and only one traffic delay.

Today we split up the team and attended two different church services. This enabled our team to reach out to two different church communities (one we have supported over the last several years and the other is new to our team).

In the afternoon we mainly inventoried our supplies, played games with some of the kids that joined us after service and then we had the opportunity to serve and participate in a pastoral training program that several Lakota people are taking at Hands of Faith ministries. This week they are studying the book of Nehemiah. This is a four-day training and several of us decided to participate. Today we learned about Nehemiah's leadership qualities and how he put God first in all his decisions.

Today the relationship building started and tomorrow we start the physical work.

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