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Pine Ridge 2018 Day 4

We continued working on many projects today. Progress is being made and we will report more as each is completed. Today we had several issues with the Utility Core. Each issue has to be thought through as we don’t want to just find a solution for the first core but we want solutions that can be repeated as more cores are constructed.

We are working on two utility cores. The first is the one we are working to complete soon and the second is a shell currently. Today we completed repairing a used forklift and so we tested moving the second core. Click here to see a video of this move, if you are interested. We are looking forward to moving the first core out of the pole barn tomorrow and getting it ready to move to the first Lakota family on Friday.

Early this morning we did receive sad news that a close friend of one of the Lakota men (James) had committed suicide just this morning. Please pray for comfort for him and his friend’s family.

Nehemiah training was completed this evening.

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Pine Ridge 2018 Day 3

Today was again mainly a work day. We helped gather firewood for boiler that heats the Warrior Center, repaired various equipment needed to move the Utility Cores, started to enclose a new building that houses the firewood, and continued working on the ceiling and utility cores.

Those of us that have been on this mission trip for several years sometimes take it for granted that this trip is different, so when we hear the reaction of the new members it helps us remember why we keep coming back. When you work, share meals, and jointly participate in bible study, devotions and prayers with the Lakota men you find there is much more in common than we realized. Many of the Lakota men are struggling with addictions and lack of Jesus in their lives, just as many of us on the team. These men are actively seeking Jesus and looking for opportunities to help them grow spiritually. These daily interactions enable us to learn more about their lives and through this sharing we can now pray for them. For example, one Lakota man is here working with us as he wants to find a way to be less focused on himself and more on his family and wants to support his family. Another example is the endless forgiveness the leadership of this program has for those that have failed the program in the past. He is going to be released from jail next week after several arrests. Hands of Faith still has hope for him and is willing to let him try again to go through their program. We pray this time he finds the salvation he needs. (By the way the first Utility Core is going to his sister’s home who is taking care of his three kids.)

Here are some pictures from today.

Significant progress on the Warrior Center ceiling:

Wood pile we created (this is about 6 feet tall, which is hard to tell in this picture as the door opening is much larger than it appears.)

Added roof, insulation and wiring in the first core. Expect to drywall, add siding and roof tomorrow.

Team relaxing before dinner and evening bible training with several local Lakota men and women that are working toward a pastoral certificate (which is 3 hours long each night.) During the day we serve the Lakota men breakfast and lunch and then this larger team dinner.

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