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Pine Ridge Mission Trip 2015: Day 2

Today we started by unloading the trailer and sorting through everything we brought. Then we headed over to Pine Ridge Baptist Church for Sunday Service. God started to set the scene for our day by allowing us to hear a message focused on saving the lost. Ian blessed the church by playing the piano before and after the message, which he had not been told he'd be doing before we showed up! Some of us stayed and had lunch with the Lakota church members, while others used the day to do some sightseeing. With so many projects needing attention at Hands of Faith, we're anxious to receive our priorities from the director tomorrow morning. We will have help from four or five Lakota as well. The main project is the Forward in Faith rehabilitation center. The funds we have provided helped to get the building to its current state and we will pour more concrete later in the week. The picture below shows the future kitchen and basement in the foreground with the large mound of dirt marking where the living area will be, and behind that restrooms on the left and dorms on the right. The center should be able to house about 14 men.

Forward in Faith rehabilitation centerForward in Faith Rehabilitation Center



We will also add finishing touches on a home we helped get started last year. During the last year the Lakota team took it from a framed building to an almost complete home. We have already loaded a large trailer with furniture and some major appliances, and we will be building bunk beds, finishing some minor trim work, and then moving the furniture and appliances into the home. About five years ago we were introduced to Justin and his four children. Since then Justin has had some issues. Today we had an opportunity to visit him in prison and pray with him. To our surprise, Justin is scheduled to be released on Tuesday morning. This will give us the opportunity to be with him the rest of this week as he works along side us. After hearing the message on “Saving the Lost” this morning, it was such an awesome demonstration of God's perfect timing and why God moved this trip back one week, as this opportunity would not have occurred last week (our normal week for this trip.)

Praise God for his sovereignty!

Pine Ridge Mission Trip 2015: Day 1

Today we left Faith at 6:15 a.m. CDT and expect to arrive in Pine Ridge at about 9:30 p.m. (Mountain Time) tonight. We have been blessed with many donations, both monetary and physical. So far we have sent about $16,000 to Hands of Faith Ministries (the ministry we support during the week) from a combination of funds from Beyond Blessed, personal donations, Enterprise Leasing/Thrivent Support, and the Faith door offering. This money will be used for material to support the work projects. Beyond this, we still have monetary donations for other support and service costs we will incur during the week. We have also received tangible donations from several people and organizations that includes hats, blankets, toys to be given at Christmas, bikes, hand tools, food, and 400 citronella candles. The trailer is completely full!

Pine Ridge Trailer

Prayers for today include:
- Safe Travel - Support for our families while we are gone - Guidance for us and the Lakota we work with this week to grow in Christ

Ian, Pat, David, John, Doug, Dan, Tom, Cody
Ian, Pat, David, John, Doug, Dan, Tom, Cody