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Guatemala Mission Trip Day 1

We departed St. Louis at 6:30 a.m. and arrived in Houston to connect to our flight to Guatemala City. 

Upon arriving in Guatemala City, we were greeted by Ish and Brian, our translators hosting us at the hostel. 

We were surprised as we walked out of the airport to find a crowd of people waiting to greet their family and visitors with balloons and flowers. 

After a short drive, we arrived at where we are staying for the next two nights. 

It's extremely beautiful and peaceful with a well-groomed garden and large outdoor table to mingle and discuss our plans for the coming days.

Tomorrow we will head out for our first day with the children of Verbana

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Pine Ridge 2018 Day 5

Today was another work day on many projects and we had a BBQ with several families of the men that have been working with us this week and a few others that have benefited from the Hands of Faith ministries.

We ordered a dumpster for another project tomorrow to remove a ton of old and useless equipment from one of the buildings. When it arrived we all looked at the driver and realized he was part of the program several years ago. He has been working for the trash company driving trucks for five years and is doing very well. He was so happy to see the changes at the ministry.

We did some preparation on the home that will be receiving the Utility Core. Opened a section that will now be a door to the Utility Core and brought in supports.


We moved the core from the main work area and put it on a flat bed trailer so that it can be delivered tomorrow. Click here to see the video… It is a little scary and we need to work on a better way to move these cores. Pray we don’t drop it tomorrow.

A little fun at the BBQ… and group picture at the end of the BBQ.

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