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2016 Pine Ridge - Collecting Donations

We have started to collect donations.

  • Kids Against Hunger - provided 6 boxes or 1200 meals
  • Faith member - provided 100 caps and other winter accessories
  • Orphan Grain Train - donations included:
    • 60 winter blankets
    • 4 large boxes of infant winter clothes
    • Various baby accessories
    • 5 shelving units and 2 fans for the bedrooms of the new rehabilitation center
    • Toys and snacks for us to hand out at the Community BBQ
    • Cleaning supplies for the trip
    • and many other things
      *(Pictures below show the SUV completely full just from Orphan Grain Train visit today)
  • Other donations include microwave, range, and possibly a washing machine.

The trailer is going to be completely full and we will be using room in the vans.

God is good!!!

2016 Pine Ridge Men's Mission Trip - Preparing to Go

We are all excited to be going on this year’s mission trip. At this time we have 15 men scheduled to go, which is the largest team we have had for many years. God must have great things planned for us. This last Sunday, we were commissioned during each of the services at Faith - Oakville, and we were blessed with a door offering to help with project material costs. We thank God for all the support we are receiving from Faith Church both in prayers and financial support. We need both to have a successful trip!

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is the most impoverished county in the United States, driven by the highest unemployment, teenage suicide, and alcohol and drug addiction rates. Our mission for the last 12+ years is to work with a local mission team (Hands of Faith Ministries) to build relationships with some of the Lakota men by helping them with their faith and vocational skills. We will be working side by side, sharing devotions and meals with the Lakota men and their families to give them hope and a better understanding of the Gospel’s message, so they know they are forgiven for past transgressions.

We have done many projects over the years from winterizing/rehabbing homes to building a new church. This year the team has the opportunity to work on a new rehabilitation facility that can house up to 16 Lakota men in Phase One, replacing 50-year-old trailer homes. Last year, the team started the foundation. Since then, other mission teams have continued construction, and we are praying to have the facility close to completion when we leave. This new facility will revitalize the rehabilitation program and have the potential to help 32 Lakota per year. 

This year’s goal is to raise $20,000 which goes directly to project materials for this new rehabilitation building and other projects that God will identify once the team arrives. Travel and living expenses are paid for by each participant. Prior to this last Sunday commissioning, the team raised $10,000 from Faith members, non-members, and Thrivent. In addition, Faith has contributed $5,000 from Beyond Blessed funds. This last Sunday, we were blessed with about $2,500 from the door offering. We are continuing to seek donations.

More background information is included in this link:
2016 Pine Ridge Mission Flier  

A video documenting some of the work that has been completed on the new rehabilitation center since we left last year is available.   (New aug 2016 movie HD.wmv)

Our prayer requests include:

  • Pray that the devil does not find ways to distract the men from going.
  • Pray that we have safe travels and remain safe during the week.
  • Pray that God helps us see what He wants from us on this trip and we meet His desires.
  • Pray that God gives us the courage we need to interact with the Lakota men and their families and that He opens their hearts to hear the Gospel.

If you have any questions, please contact:
John Hall |

God Bless,
2016 Pine Ridge Men’s Mission Team