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Arnold Home Upgrade for Family in Need

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The Pine Ridge Men's Community is trying something new this year. We have decided to do one or two local projects and include our families. The first project is to help an Arnold family. The husband is disabled and is having difficulty navigating their split-level home. Due to his disability and the focus on his care, the family has had very little time to maintain their home and many repairs are needed. We are helping them upgrade their current home in order to sell it. They would like to move into a ranch home.

We put in over 150 hours of work this weekend. Here is a list of everything we accomplished!

  • Repaired large and small holes in the drywall throughout the house.
  • Tuck-pointed cracks in the outside brick.
  • Replaced 10 light fixtures.
  • Painted main living area ceiling.
  • Removed doors on main level and painted new doors.
  • Installed new vanity and got bathroom ready for painting.
  • Repaired HVAC system.
  • Converted storage room to an office to add more living space to the home.
  • Cleaned siding and patio.

We had a great work day on Saturday as God blessed us with a great team. Thank you Faith - Oakville for the Beyond Blessed grant and Thrivent Action Team grant for supplies. We got a lot done, but there is still more to do. We are looking to have another work day on Saturday, February 4. The family is very thankful for all of what God is doing for them!

Arnold Home -3  Arnold Home -1  Arnold Home -2

Arnold Home -4 Arnold Home -5 Arnold Home -7 

Arnold Home -6

2016 Pine Ridge - Day 7

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This was our last day to work on projects. We did our best to complete them, but some we had to leave for the Lakota team to complete.

In the morning we took a picture of our team and we have added names to everyone. We are missing some of the Lakota as they didn't join us before we all went off to our various projects.

We got the trailer moved!

Here is a shaky tour of the new facility...  (it is hard to walk around and not trip over things)

God was watching over us today...


We did something different this year for our last meal. We asked a local Lakota woman to make us dinner. It was wonderful and of course we invited the families we have been spending time with this week.

We ask for the following prayers:

  • Continued spiritual growth of the Lakota and families we have met
  • That our visit uplifted them as much as we have been uplifted to see how Jesus has given us the power to change and be forgiven for past sins
  • Continued success of the Hands of Faith rehabilitation program and for completion of this wonderful building so that they can increase the Lakota participation
  • Safe travels for our team back to St. Louis

We will be leaving here at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday (6:30 a.m. Central Time). We expect to arrive about 10:30 p.m.

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