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Pine Ridge Day 1

We arrived Saturday at about 10:30 pm, after a long and uneventful drive.
On Sunday, we split into two groups. The first went to Hill City with some of the Lakota men to welcome Travis (Lakota) to the finish line of a Marathon from Mt. Rushmore to Hill City. He didn’t do as well as he had hoped but was very happy to see the group cheering him on at his first marathon. 

The other group had the honor of worshiping at the church we helped build nine years ago, which now has a sponsoring church that helps with more outreach in the community. It's led by a Native American pastor named Patrick. Patrick and his wife teach during the week at the local Lakota elementary school.
That evening, we had dinner with the Lakota men and continued long discussions about our faith, their faith, and what has been happening on the reservation. 

 Today, Monday, we started our projects as usual and discovered new projects that God has identified. We are trying to get the outside projects completed by Wednesday, as Wednesday night the cold weather arrives with snow (possibly one foot by end of the week).
We'll have Bible Study/Dinner with a local Lakota men’s group on Wednesday, and our community event will be with another new church on Thursday evening.
The projects included:
Peggy White Dress – Rebuild her driveway (300ft long) as it was washed out during recent rainstorms. There is a mission team coming in a couple of weeks that will provide her with a new mobile home and tear down the old one. Peggy is the grandmother of several kids and needs two homes to house them. The other home is the Solar Home we helped build about three years ago. Here is a picture of it before.

Garage Doors – We built/assembled three garage doors and hung two of them on buildings at Hands of Faith to get them ready for the cold weather.

New Roof – We began and finished about half of replacing the roof on the HFM house we are sleeping in.

Fixed Electrical Issues – It turns out there was some strange wiring in the HFM Warrior Center's main areas that we are working to correct. We also repaired the heating system (outside wood burner) that had caught fire and burned out several of the electrical controls. This is a priority as the warrior center needs heat later this week.

Wes Yellow Horse New Foundation – All we could do today was assess the work to be done, so we can be prepared tomorrow. The house (not a mobile home) is in good shape, but the foundation is collapsing. We will pour concrete and hopefully get the house on the new foundation tomorrow.

Candy Redcloud Bathroom rehab – Today we tore out the bathroom walls, fixtures, and floor and delivered the new bathroom fixtures. We likely will not get back to her home until Wednesday.


Heidi Furnace not working – Visited and tried to repair it, but the unit is over 40 years old, and some parts have failed. We're going to see if we can scrounge a part tomorrow. 

Thank you for all your prayers as we strive to connect people to Jesus in Pine Ridge. 

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Guatemala Day 7

Psalm 37:3-5: Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord trust in Him and he will do this.

For many of us, this mission trip was our first trip to Guatemala. God commands us to trust in the Lord and do good. We experienced an amazing opportunity to serve God in the mission field. God’s children saw His grace and received and shared His Love. We took delight in the Lord and he gave the desires of our hearts and we as a team will continue to commit our support to these children through our prayers, and sponsorship. God certainly rewarded us beyond our dreams and expectations. GOD IS LOVE.

Reflection from Dave:

Today I was fortunate enough to meet my prayer partner, Florecita. she is a beautiful and fun-loving girl who to my surprise and joy loves to play soccer. Julie and I just recently sponsored her and had not been able to write yet. However, I was able to hand-deliver our letter along with a photo of my family and pets. She immediately embraced me and periodically throughout the day would run up and hug me. As we said goodbye she asked if I would write to her and told me, “God bless you.” These children are so excited to see us and maybe even more excited to receive our letters. I encourage anyone reading this that has not sponsored a child to do so immediately. The love you receive in return and the good that you do cannot be measured.

Reflection from Karen:

What an amazing day God gave us today. We finished our painting project in the morning and after lunch, we crossed the street to work with the children. What a highlight to meet my prayer partner and share many hugs. The home visit gave us all an insight to a wonderful family whose prayer partner is Melba. The mama and papa were open about their relationship with Jesus.

Reflection from Carol:

Today was the day I was able to meet my family’s prayer partner, Cesar, an 11-year-old boy from Tecpan. After talking with him, I not only learned about his favorite class in school, English and his favorite sport, soccer, but also about his love for his parents and siblings. (He has 10 brothers and sisters.) I also learned of his parents’ desire that he grows in his knowledge and love of the same Jesus Christ that I do. I was able to tell Cesar that the congregations of Zion and Faith would also be lifting him and his village up in prayer. My first prayers for him will include petitions for his day to day health, continuing his education, and like his parents, that he would grow in his love for our Lord.

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