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Pine Ridge 2018 Day 5

Today was another work day on many projects and we had a BBQ with several families of the men that have been working with us this week and a few others that have benefited from the Hands of Faith ministries.

We ordered a dumpster for another project tomorrow to remove a ton of old and useless equipment from one of the buildings. When it arrived we all looked at the driver and realized he was part of the program several years ago. He has been working for the trash company driving trucks for five years and is doing very well. He was so happy to see the changes at the ministry.

We did some preparation on the home that will be receiving the Utility Core. Opened a section that will now be a door to the Utility Core and brought in supports.


We moved the core from the main work area and put it on a flat bed trailer so that it can be delivered tomorrow. Click here to see the video… It is a little scary and we need to work on a better way to move these cores. Pray we don’t drop it tomorrow.

A little fun at the BBQ… and group picture at the end of the BBQ.

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Pine Ridge 2018 Day 4

We continued working on many projects today. Progress is being made and we will report more as each is completed. Today we had several issues with the Utility Core. Each issue has to be thought through as we don’t want to just find a solution for the first core but we want solutions that can be repeated as more cores are constructed.

We are working on two utility cores. The first is the one we are working to complete soon and the second is a shell currently. Today we completed repairing a used forklift and so we tested moving the second core. Click here to see a video of this move, if you are interested. We are looking forward to moving the first core out of the pole barn tomorrow and getting it ready to move to the first Lakota family on Friday.

Early this morning we did receive sad news that a close friend of one of the Lakota men (James) had committed suicide just this morning. Please pray for comfort for him and his friend’s family.

Nehemiah training was completed this evening.

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