Current Series


We are kicking off a new message series, which will follow along with the ten weekly topics of Rooted. Need a restart, a jumpstart, or maybe a new start? This is your time! If you have been feeling “stuck” in your relationship with God, isolated from people for too long,  or needing to be inspired by the fact that God is still moving in our midst, then these messages will apply to you. We’re hoping that you have joined a Rooted group as it could be spiritually life-changing for you, your outlook on life, and also the life and health of the church. We’re praying that this is a church-wide movement of God. If you cannot join Rooted this fall session, we strongly urge you to sign up for the next session. We will be praying for you, all of our Life Groups, and all of you reading this who have been distant or disconnected, to be renewed and revived through this new Rooted.

Returning with Blessing

We are moving into year three of our Beyond Blessed journey. Let’s discover the benefits and blessings in turning back to God with hearts that are hungry to Bless the Lord.

Doctrine Matters

In a world where "truth is relative", these truths from God's Word create a foundation for everything a disciple of Christ does. 


We will take a hard look at everything under the sun to find meaning through this book of the Bible.


Once you believe in forever and live with it in view, you will understand things you never did before and live in a radically different way.

Holy Week

As we prepare for Easter, we celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday during Holy Week. 

Rooted Experience

Are we clinging to part of God’s creation or to the Christ who truly strengthens and offers the extraordinary life?

This Is Your Life

A new start, a clean slate, a new beginning, new changes.  What changes and challenges will we face in 2016?   

Carols 2015

Explore examples of singing that result from God’s mysterious and wonderful movement in the story of Christmas. 


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