Current Series

Hearing the voice of GOD

“How come God doesn’t speak anymore?” It’s a question that is asked so often when people read scripture or hear of many people recording in the Bible having a conversation with God and hearing His audible voice. But is that the right question to ask? What is the reason we believe God isn’t speaking has less to do with the frequency or loudness of His voice and more to do with the noise in our lives and the deafness that we live with. In this series, Hearing the voice of GOD, we’re going to discover GOD IS SPEAKING TODAY and learn how to listen in and where to be looking for His voice today.


Are we clinging to part of God’s creation or to the Christ who truly strengthens and offers the extraordinary life?

This Is Your Life

A new start, a clean slate, a new beginning, new changes.  What changes and challenges will we face in 2016?   


Explore examples of singing that result from God’s mysterious and wonderful movement in the story of Christmas.