Covid Safety

The following measures are taken to ensure the safety of our kids and staff during the Covid-19 Pandemic:


• Newly decluttered and reorganized space to promote a clean, but still nurturing environment
• Covid-specific training required for all nursery workers
• Registration encouraged to ensure proper worker-child ratios
• Temperature checks required before entry to Faith Kids hallway
• Following new capacity limitations to promote social distancing
• Masks worn by workers at all times
• Gloves worn by workers when handling snacks and/or drinks, including bottle feedings
• Toys played with during 9 am worship service are sanitized before 10:45 am worship service
• Enhanced sanitation before and between worship services
• Increased hand washing by children and workers

Faith Kids

• Temperature checks required before entry to Faith Kids hallway
• All Faith staff and leaders are required to wear masks
• Masks and social distancing are required for children in grades 1st – 5th
• Children will be checked-in at the Faith Kids Kiosks in the lobby prior to worship
• Only one parent/guardian may accompany the child to and from the classroom
• Parent will be provided a security tag for pick-up
• If your child needs to leave for any reason, we will text a parent to come to meet outside the Faith Kids room