Faith U

Learning for Life



Faith U classes are a way that we, as a church, disciple our Faith Family. Classes are relevant for people of every age and every stage of faith. There are six different class focuses: Mission, Doctrine, Healthy Living, Apologetics, the Bible, and the Sacraments. After completing three Faith U classes, you will receive a free Faith t-shirt.




Baptism Class

This class is offered by Faith elders for anyone interested in learning about Baptism. Whether you are expecting a child, just want to learn more, or have questions about Lutheran beliefs about Baptism, this class is for you.


The Creed: One God, Three Persons

Many people have heard the apostles creed, or even can recite it by heart. However, not many know that it is one of the earliest statements of faith that we as Christians have, or that it was written in response to heresy. In this class, we will talk about these things and also learn how to better understand the Trinity.


God Conversations: An Invitation to the Skeptical

Intended for Christians and non-Christians alike, this will be a facilitated discussion as we view 4 weeks of Timothy Keller’s presentation-series titled, “Questioning Christianity.”


The lord's Supper

Communion instruction is offered to help you understand what the sacrament is and why it is important. We begin instruction for students from 6th grade on. If you have any questions regarding what we believe about communion at Faith, this class provides an opportunity to explore those freely. Lunch and childcare will be provided.