Monarch Jewelry – Melinda

    08.22.18 | Faith Healing God by Melinda

    Monarch Jewelry is a Christian ministry in connection with Crisis Aid International who creates artistic jewelry and accessories as a unique way to engage in the fight against modern-day sex slavery. Our mission is to increase awareness, raise funds and encourage others to fight against sex trafficking.

    So many people have supported Monarch through the years and over $365,000 has been raised! Here is an example of one woman blessing Monarch in a huge way! Melinda was approaching age 40 and she wanted to do something special for 40 women. She contacted Monarch to come to her birthday party with her family and friends so they could purchase jewelry and bless the Refuge Home (a ministry of Crisis Aid). Halfway through the evening a family member challenged the crowd and said, "If you raise $10,000 tonight, 2 family members will donate $5,000 each!" And it actually happened! So $20,670 total was raised and went to the Refuge Home to help restore and give hope and healing for the girls.

    Melinda does not want this to be the end. She is connecting with Monarch to vision for more opportunities to benefit the girls. Her motto is "We Rise As We Lift Others" What a beautiful way to live!