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Marla Rose

Marla Rose

Children's Coordinator


Although I was not raised in a home that loved and studied about Jesus, at a young age I convinced my parents to send me to Sunday school without them. I can remember as a child being torn between two worlds - my family’s and wanting to know Jesus more. My struggle between the life I was living and wanting to live for Jesus continued as I grew older. On the outside, everything seemed great. But on the inside, I was filled with questions and doubts, especially after I tragically lost my brother and mother within five years of each other. Instead of going to God for strength, I shut Him out completely.

In 1996 I welcomed a son, Jacob, into this world. With a baby to raise and college to complete, I went out into the world alone and determined to accomplish my goal. I was married in 2002, and God blessed me with two daughters, Hannah and Sophia. However, life and my marriage began to fall apart again in 2007. That’s when my family was introduced to Faith - Columbia. That very first visit to Faith was “like coming home.” I knew in an instant that Jesus was the answer.

In June of 2013, I married to Scott and we have been attending Faith ever since. God is at the center of our relationship and family; and we do the very best we can to live His love in our home and lives.


I know first-hand how difficult the storms of life can be without Jesus’ love and guiding Word. My hope for Faith – Columbia is that we are a place where families experience God’s love and challenges them to share that love with their friends and family.