What happens to any unpaid balances of Beyond Blessed commitments?

There is not one answer for this question as circumstances may vary. If you still have an unpaid Beyond Blessed commitment, contact Dave Caito | 314-375-1113 to discuss your options.

Can I give my Initial One-time NEXT offering at a later date?

Of course you can. We are blessed by all gifts; no matter how much is given or when.

How have Life Groups used the funds made available through Beyond Blessed to carry out their missions?

Over $79,000 from Beyond Blessed funds have been used to serve His Kingdom through 37 different Life Groups. Check out pages 7 and 8 in the NEXT brochure for examples of how Life Groups have used these funds to impact their missions. Here is a complete list of all funds given to Life Group Missions.

At what time or dollar amount will NEXT funds be available for Life Group missions? Will the funds first be used to pay off debt?

As soon as Faith receives the funds, 20% of all NEXT funds from Oakville and 10% of all NEXT funds from Columbia will be available for Life Groups on mission. This includes the Initial One-time NEXT Offering. Our hope is to infuse $300,000 into Life Group missions throughout the NEXT campaign.

Will NEXT funds be available for needy people within our own church body or only those outside Faith?

NEXT funds are designated funds for Life Groups on mission as they carry out their gospel cause where they live, work, and play. We do however have a Faith Love Fund which is used to provide assistance for members, regular attenders, and those outside of our four walls. Individuals in need of assistance can start the process by contacting Mary Wetzel for Oakville or Sue Wanninger for Columbia or calling 314.375.1122.

How will Faith establish a budget if we don't have to fill out General Ministry Fund commitments on our pledge cards?

Faith uses the General Ministry Fund commitments as a tool to help establish the overall budget, but it’s only one of many pieces that contribute to the formation of our budget. This year we felt it might be too confusing to ask for two separate and different commitments on the same pledge card. We only need to know that you will continue to give to Faith’s General Ministry Fund to help us establish the budget for the next fiscal year.

We are working towards tithing and trying to pay off our own debt so we can be more generous. Should we make a commitment to NEXT or continue to work towards tithing first?

At Faith we pray that everyone is open to the truth that all we have belongs to God, and He has entrusted us to be good stewards (managers) of His resources. In response to God’s grace and sacrificial love in Jesus, we encourage all Faith members and regular attenders to begin their generosity journey with the tithe. For those who have never tithed, we encourage you to start with the 10 for 10 challenge and experience the blessings behind Malachi 3:10.
Download a 10 x 10 Challenge Card.

Can stock be used as our commitment to NEXT?

Yes. You can contact Dave Caito at 314.375.1113 to discuss gifts of stock, real estate, wills, trusts or insurance policies.

How can Life Groups apply for the funds made available through NEXT?

Life Groups interested in applying for mission funding can email , call Kay Bach at 314.375.1135, or download an application form. Applications are reviewed each Monday and normally approved within 2 weeks of submission.