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Family Mission Trip 2018 Day 3

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Well, sometimes God has other plans for you than what you planned for yourself! Today's morning was supposed to include our ever-popular Blessing Quest, but the torrential rain just wasn't having any of it. So instead we enjoyed some extra together time this morning. The younger kids had a special devotion led by our teens, and the adults got to have a great devotion and discussion about how to love outside our comfort zones. 
This afternoon we got to go back to Feed My Starving Children to pack more food for children in Haiti. We packed 180 boxes of food which will feed over 100 children for a year - PRAISE GOD! Please continue to pray for food to reach its intended destinations, for the volunteers that help pack and donate the money for the food, and for the people who put themselves at risk to transport the food - many times into dangerous areas.
After dinner, the kids put on a circus, complete with acrobatics, jokes, sports, dance, magic tricks, and juggling. It was part of a BIG thank you to Steve and his family - who feeds us dinner 3 nights each year (along with some special gifts to rib him about the Cubs vs Cards rivalry!) He is quite a special guy and it's been amazing to see our relationship grow each year. The program was a blessing to us and we're sure to him as well.
We also got to have a special visit with Pastor Tim Bayer, who was one of the original impetuses of this trip, so it's always great to see it come full circle. Our other Family Mission team will be heading to his church in St. Charles, IL next week, so he's looking forward to a fun week with those 9 families soon! 
We're going to have a very full day tomorrow as we moved the Blessing Quest between serving at Phil's Friends and Feed My Starving Children one last time. 
When God changes our plans, we often wonder what God is saving us for or to. With the Blessing Quest getting moved to tomorrow, it makes us incredibly excited to see what might be coming. Join us in praying for God to show us exactly when and where we should be!!!

Family Mission Trip 2018 Day 1

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Let's GO!

7 families (14 adults and 23 kids) left Faith Lutheran Church this morning ready to fulfill their mission to LOVE ONE ANOTHER - this year's theme verse. 1 John 4:7 says, "Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God" and we've chosen this scripture as our goal to share Jesus' love to all we encounter. If you'd like an easy way to memorize the scripture, you can listen to this fun song - it's a great way to get scripture to stick!

We arrived at New Song Lutheran Church in Aurora, IL this afternoon and got our living spaces for the next 5 days set up. After a delicious taco meal provided by the famous Steve (a Family Mission Trip friend from the beginning!), we enjoyed some FUN with the New Song youth group including an explosive devotion lead by Dave Franke and an epic game of kickball. 

It's been a long day, but a great start to our week of serving in and around the Aurora, IL area. We're looking forward to serving tomorrow at Hesed House, the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry and Feed My Starving Children. We welcome your prayers for a restful night, health, and for God to prepare the hearts of those we'll meet tomorrow - that we might continue to show his LOVE!!



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