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Live Life … Boldly

Pastor John Brunette | August 28, 2016

Live life! Have you ever heard that before? Jesus' s desire was for His children to experience it ("I have come that you might have life … to the full"). Easier said then done, right? So many things, so many regrets, fears, worries, ...

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The Compassion Experience

Experience other cultures, the realities of global poverty, and how you can help a child at this free and family-friendly event at Faith - Columbia.


Weekend Food Bags

Weekend Food Bags help by providing a small sack of kid-friendly food for children to take home to help feed them during the weekend.


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Our Stories


The Rooted Experience
| August 30, 2016

Dave explains how he was impacted by his journey through The Rooted Experience.


Joe Pacino

The Rooted Experience
| August 29, 2016

Joe Pacino describes how The Rooted Experience led him to become a more active Christian.