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God the Father … Creator or Created?

Pastor John Brunette | September 18, 2016

Doctrine matters! It really does. Doctrine helps to define what we believe, teach, and confess about God. Statements of faith, such as the Creeds (Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian) also help us to share the Bible's story in miniature. Today Pastor ...

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The Compassion Experience

Experience other cultures, the realities of global poverty, and how you can help a child at this free and family-friendly event at Faith - Columbia.


Weekend Food Bags

Weekend Food Bags help by providing a small sack of kid-friendly food for children to take home to help feed them during the weekend.


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Our Stories


The Rooted Experience
| August 30, 2016

Dave explains how he was impacted by his journey through The Rooted Experience.


Joe Pacino

The Rooted Experience
| August 29, 2016

Joe Pacino describes how The Rooted Experience led him to become a more active Christian.